by Marie Gueguen & François Lique, on

Presentation of the event

The Espace des sciences of Rennes is a cultural site focused on the popularization of science: to answer the questions of the population on problems of society, to show what is done in modern science, through the diversity of its approaches, and taking care of the balance of the various scientific fields exposed. Every Tuesday, the Espace des sciences is welcoming speakers.

During this event, M. Gueguen and F. Lique gave a presentation. Pr. S. Le Picard was also giving a talk.

Que connaissons-nous des corps célestes aujourd'hui ? - M. Gueguen, F. Lique, and S. Le Picard

How can scientists establish facts about the matter that constitutes astrophysical objects that they cannot manipulate ?

The chemical composition of the atmospheres of planets and comets is usually studied through their radiation, which can only be interpreted in the light of data produced in laboratories, far from the real and extreme conditions of the environments where such objects are found. It is not surprising that each space probe sent on site has brought back its share of spectacular discoveries ! But then, if in situ measurements are irreplaceable, how can we hope to acquire any scientific knowledge of objects on which we will never go ?